How Vrex works

Vrex is a virtual workspace where all your team’s 3D models come together. Decision-makers and engineers can experience the projects in a 1:1 scale. Discover challenges and find solutions without distractions, confusing phone calls, and chaotic video communication. It is the world’s most powerful virtual workspace.

Next-gen collaboration.

From 3D-models to VR in a few clicks!

Vrex is cloud based, user friendly and easy to set up. All you need is a pair of VR-googles and a laptop.


Create an infinite room with any 3D-models you like. Either by uploading or through one of our many integrations.

Access your virtual rooms easily with a secure room code in seconds.


Share this room access code with anyone you would like to meet inside VR

Enjoy a productive collaboration

Join your team in VR to view models from all disciplines.
Use the tools you expect from a 3D collaboration viewer, and much more.

We will help you get started

1:1 scale

Experience the 3D models in 1:1 scale


See the latest changes in your models, discuss challenges and find solutions


Create issue reports, and automatically bring them back into your issue management systems

Issue integrations

Vrex can be used as a stand-alone solution, or integrated with your issue-management system

Model integration

Vrex integrates with some of the most used file storage services and keeps your virtual rooms up to date. You can of course work manually without any integrations.


Contact us about anything. We are ready to help you with training, advice and VR-processes to ensure you add value to your project


Vrex works with all your favorite CAD software, and integrates with the best project and issue management systems on the market. This makes for a highly efficient and easy workflow.

Have your team work virtually

We will get you started!
Sign up for our free trial program, or request a live demo

Why use Virtual Reality

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