Estimation in Cloud

Bills of quantities, sharing of estimates, accounting and works ledgers in the cloud

Aimed at professionals in both the public and private sectors, this is the first cloud platform that enables users to determine the cost of a construction project using price lists already available on the platform, to import their own price lists and to rapidly create an estimate; all easily shared with other professionals while on the go, without wasting time and with no need for pointless file transfers.

Estimation in Cloud also enables users in both the public and private sectors to record works accounting data and comes already integrated with plug-ins for Autodesk Revit, Archicad Graphisoft and – via API (application programming interface) – with all the leading software currently in use such as Termolog for energy certificates and Travilog for structural calculation.

Already a TeamSystem CPM customer? Great news! You’ll be able to work and share the same files on both CPM and Estimation in Cloud.



You can quickly create your estimate and contract based on customizable project templates.

Estimation in Cloud is designed to help you quickly create one or more bills of quantities for a contract or project for any type of job: new homes, light commercial projects, renovations or maintenance work.

The platform offers a simple and intuitive interface that reduces learning times, making it quick and easy to create a detailed estimate.
Using its powerful database you can store all data relating to estimates, projects and whatever price lists you use and call this information up at any time. The result is increased efficiency, the elimination of errors and the ability to present projects to customers, colleagues and suppliers with modern and easy to read visuals.

Its simple layout enables you to view and change the most important data at a glance, as well as to quickly search for and add new elements to the estimate and to modify markups. That way you’ll know if your bid is within budget without leaving anything to chance.


Associate a price list with your project choosing from those provided, or upload your own personal price list in Excel format.

Already included in Estimation in Cloud you’ll find all the chamber of commerce, provincial and regional price lists currently used in Italy
With these price lists you’ll find not only the individual items that make up a construction project but also prices for all processes and operations involved in executing the work, such as vehicle and equipment hire, excavation, labor and finishing costs.

You’ll also be able to import Excel files with your own customized price lists into Estimation in Cloud, and to edit these directly on the platform.
That way you’ll have a single place to store price lists and contracts, reducing the risk of losing or not finding the information you need.

The main aim of price lists is to ensure that prices are in-line with market values, and for this you need lists that are correctly calibrated to the geographical location of the company and subcontractor involved: vital in calculating the correct figures for bids and, equally importantly, in preparing the General Tender Specifications.


Connect directly to Revit and other applications using the plugins included and available web services.

With Estimation in Cloud you have a plugin that integrates and directly interfaces with Revit (2016 to 2019 release), in effect enabling the two platforms to communicate directly via a dynamic and bidirectional dialog. This creates a univocal link between one or more items on the price lists and Families or Single Instances (Revit Autodesk IDs).

Using the plugin means that IFC files or intermediate interchange files are not requested; in fact the plugin already included in Estimation in Cloud’s PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE PLUS suites generates and updates bills of quantities from inside Revit – in the native format and in real time – “with just one Click”!

You’ll also have the technical documentation for APIs (application programming interfaces), enabling you to put Estimation in Cloud in dialog with other software applications that you already use.


A collaborative environment to save money and time working online, optimizing the exchange of information with customers, suppliers and partners.

Estimation in Cloud gives you all the benefits of collaborating in the cloud, enabling you to connect up and work as a team to increase efficiency and productivity.

You can let several people work on the same quote without the need to send continual version updates, ensuring higher levels of participation and enabling projects and contracts to be accessed and shared both by members of your own organization and by external personnel.
That way you’ll be able to improve communication and the way you present your work, sharing ideas and recommendations to improve contracts and projects. With Estimation in Cloud you’ll be able to read large files without needing to worry about how to share them and without investing time and money in training programs.
In fact you’ll be able to use the same database as the STR Vision CPM software installed in the cloud, giving you a powerful, reliable combination that will simplify your life, carrying your projects around with you and accessing them whenever you like.

Have you ever thought of asking companies to quote for working on a project? From now on, with Estimation in Cloud you’ll be able to invite companies and craftsmen to submit quotes and to easily check all the resulting bids directly on the platform, at home or on the go.
What are you waiting for? Save time and invite your collaborators and suppliers!


A simple tool that’s right up to date with the latest regulations in public and private accounting.

By using Estimation in Cloud for works management you’ll be able to perform all the operations needed for technical, accounting and administrative control, monitoring that all works are carried out in compliance with the project requirements and with the contract between the parties.

The platform fully complies with Italian Ministerial Decree 7 March 2018, n° 49 and particularly with article 15, which states that the accounting of works should be carried out “using specific electronic tools that use platforms, also of a telematic type, that are interoperable via open formats”.

Estimation in Cloud enables you to perform public works accounting that is always up to date with the most recent regulations (Code of Contracts Italian Legislative Decree 18 April 2016 n° 50 and Implementation Guidelines approved by Legislative Decree 50/2016 and DECREE 7 March 2018, n. 49).
That way you’ll be able to concentrate on classifying and measuring the works carried out and on transferring information to calculate costs in-progress through administrative and accounting documents such as:

  • the works daybook;
  • procedural handbooks for processing and supplies;
  • weekly lists;
  • the accounts register;
  • the accounts register summary;
  • works progress;
  • certificates for payment of installments on account;
  • final accounts and related report.

Estimation in Cloud also enables you to keep the accounts for private contracts, simplifying the procedures involved to speed up the recording of useful information.


Records all technical and financial information relating to construction project works, even on the go.

Estimation in Cloud is a powerful ally in cataloging and recording the information used in compiling the works ledger; an essential data aggregator covering all aspects involved in the execution of a project and contract.

Within Works Management one member of the team will note down, for each day, all activities and ways in which the work is progressing, and all this information will be used together in the preparation of the works ledger.

The document must also record the circumstances and events related to the work, as well as the types of processing, the number of operators and the technical equipment used, together with any event that may be related to the progress of the work, both from an economic as a technical point of view.

The work diary, in addition to being a fundamental aid tool for the activities of the works management, is also useful in the event of conflicts that may arise in the relations between the works management, bidder and principal.

Why choose estimation in the cloud?


Unprecedented processing power and functionality at a reasonable cost.


Designed to be used by all, from the word go! Easy, quick and intuitive!


With all the most widely used applications in the industry (E.g. Revit, Archicad and many more).


You can be sure of your data in the cloud; we restore all your project information as far back as the previous 4 weeks.


Designed for use on the go and with all tablets and smartphones.


Share projects with colleagues and suppliers, inviting companies to submit an estimate online. And in offline mode you can continue to use STR Vision CPM, which is already integrated.


STR was founded in 1979 and is now part of the Teamsystem Group as the Italian leader for AEC & EPC software solutions and project management (AEC Business Unit). STR offers flexible, adaptable, reliable, easy to use solutions to architects, engineers, construction and specialized firms, public companies and general contractors.


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