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DijiFyo – Alconsoft Partnership Announcement

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Alconsoft! This partnership will continue our mission to help the engineering and construction industry advance their digital transformation without barriers. DijiFyo, an enterprise and engineering software provider and strategic technology partner for many organizations in the Middle East has partnered up with Alconsoft to advance the quantity takeoff and cost estimation processes delivering excellence to the construction industry. “We are pleased to partner up with Alconsoft. This partnership allows us to complete our mission providing the best and latest technology to our customers in the engineering and construction industry. ExtrAXION, Alconsoft’s flagship software provides fast and accurate quantity takeoff and estimation information from design to construction. ExtrAXION is applicable to all types of construction projects using inputs from all drawing formats. It empowers engineers with better workflows, tools, and simplified methods of quantity …

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What Is Digitalization? Here Comes the Fourth Transformation in Building Design

Source:Redshift by Autodesk – BY NICOLAS MANGON, AUTODESK VP How does a building take its place in a city’s skyline? In the Hollywood version of the story, owners commission a building, define basic requirements, and stand aside as architects work their magic with pencils and drafting tools. Picture the 1949 movie The Fountainhead, about an innovative yet self-absorbed architect named Howard Roark (allegedly modeled after Frank Lloyd Wright) who refuses to compromise his ideals. Controversial though it is, the film (and the novel before it) has inspired generations of people to become architects. A lot has changed in the 70-plus years since then. About 40 years ago, the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry began an accelerating digital transformation. It started with digitization—the transition from paper drawing and analog processes to digital tools and computer-assisted design. In parallel to digitization, architects …

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10 Positive Construction Trends to Come Out of COVID-19

Source: Trimble Constructible by David Burczyk No one can argue that the global COVID-19 pandemic has been a tragedy on many levels. From loss of life to long-term economic impact, this health crisis will be the source of bitter memories for years to come. However, it’s encouraging to recognize that some positive things have come out of our collective response to this difficult situation. Within the construction industry — historically notorious for being slow to change — COVID-19 has actually revealed an impressive level of resilience and adaptability under very challenging circumstances. Following are 10 positive trends we’re seeing in today’s construction industry that accelerated in response to the pandemic: 10 Positive Construction Trends to Come Out of COVID-19 1. Increased use of offsite prefabrication 2. Using AI-based video analysis to keep jobsites safe 3. Using extended reality to help teams …

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Going Digital Is No Longer Optional

Cadalyst.com | By: Mark Coates It has now been seven decades since Alan Turing, the pioneer of modern computing and artificial intelligence, wrote, “I propose to consider the question, ‘Can machines think?’” Turing’s question has now been proven beyond doubt in many fields: In chess, the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue beat former chess grand master Garry Kasparov in 1997. In science, the HiSeq X genome-sequencing system can map tens of thousands of human genomes in a year — a task that initially took an army of scientists from 20 universities across the world more than 13 years to complete. In the construction and infrastructure realm, professionals now need to ask these questions: “Do you believe that machines can help you to think better? Do you believe that information and data can help you to work smarter?” What’s the Payoff? As …

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Construction firms need to up their game to go digital, new research reveals

Infrastructure Intelligence | By: Andy Walker New research has unveiled that almost half (44.3%) of businesses in the construction industry have limited or no insight into company or project performance. Professionals working in the sector are either not collecting data or are collecting it manually instead of digitally, says the report, Unlock the Benefits of Going Digital in Construction. The research conducted by Bentley Systems, the design, construction, and infrastructure software provider, of more than 720 construction professionals across the world also found that less than half (43.5%) of workers said they have no digital capabilities for collaboration or that their information is either paper-based or siloed. The impact of this is significant, as analysis from Mace, a global construction consultancy, recently found that almost 80% of large construction projects experience cost or programme overruns and that if project delivery does …

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Help Building Owners Get the BIM Data They Really Need

Cadalyst, USA. Ultimately, every player in a building project needs building information modeling data — but it must be rightsized for each unique contribution. AEC firms can offer clients a great service by helping them understand which portions of the BIM data will serve them best. For designers, builders, and constructors, building information modeling (BIM) increases clarity of vision: Modeling makes it easier to communicate design intent, to study performance, and to plan the physical coordination of tasks. This clarity is rooted in collaborative effort and shared purpose in bringing the building into existence. Read More Share on facebook Facebook Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on twitter Twitter Share on print Print Share on email Email Back to News Page

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