Design codes are getting more complex.
Structures are getting more complex.
Are you equipped with software to handle it all?

Find out how to spend your days designing
the next big thing and not worrying about risky oversights.

DijiFyo Bentley Structural

When you need to deliver safe, compliant, and cost-effective designs on time, you shouldn’t have to doubt their reliability or piece together structural engineering capabilities.

Meet Structural Enterprise

DijiFyo Bentley Structural

Save Time

  • Produce optimized designs you can trust in record time
  • Streamline workflows and leverage unmatched interoperability
  • Get support when you need it
DijiFyo Bentley Structural

Save Money

  • Ensure the most cost-effective design without sacrificing quality
  • Use the applications you want, when you want
  • Get more capabilities, analysis, and design codes, for less
DijiFyo Bentley Structural


  • Do it all with just one comprehensive structural suite of software. Any project, anywhere, any material
  • Eliminate risk and stop worrying about design oversights 
  • Manage one software license with one vendor

We Understand

We understand the frustration and doubt that comes when you don´t have the right combination of capabilities on top of having to shoulder the responsibility of delivering safe, compliant designs all on a tight schedule.

We are Engineers

We are engineers dedicated to delivering you all of the structural engineering essentials you´ll ever need in one comprehensive software suite.
Our trusted structural applications have been used globally on some of the most complex projects

Bentley's Structural Enterprise

Spend your days designing the next big thing and not worrying about the risky oversights.
Use what you want, when you want it, with the premier suite of proven structural software. Design in any infrastructure sector, with multiple materials, using any analysis method that is appropriate for the job.

Bentley’s Integrated Structural Modeling (ISM) allows you to share structural engineering project information among modeling, analysis, design, drafting, and detailing software applications. ISM facilitates interoperability across engineering teams and design disciplines, allowing designers to choose the products best suited for a particular project.


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