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Lead Your Firm Into the Era of Digital Project Delivery

Change is here

BIM methodologies and other digital innovations have proved beneficial in the public sector and are now reshaping competition in the private sector.

Your challenge is to cut through the hype, make pragmatic investments in proven strategies, and lead your firm into the digital project delivery era.

Accelerate Your Going Digital Strategy with ProjectWise

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Invest in Proven Technology

ProjectWise is used by over 80% of the top 50 and over 70% of the top 250 design firms in the ENR composite rankings.

ProjectWise Cloud Services

Deliverables Management
Projects Insights
Issues Resolutions

Industrialize Project Workflows

Save time, eliminate risk, and improve project performance with integrated cloud services that enable digital collaboration, automate workflows, and manage information exchanges within your connected data environment.

Deliverables Management

Save time and mitigate risk in your projects by automating, integrating, and codifying the processes surrounding transmittals, submittals, and RFIs. 

Consistently ensure your critical documents are submitted complete and processed on schedule by developing accurate communications quickly, ensuring they reach the correct parties.

Project Content Exchange and Collaboration

Working together is easier than ever using ProjectWise Share—a cloud-based service that helps you quickly and securely exchange critical project data with your entire supply chain.

Built specifically with your design workflows in mind, ProjectWise Share avoids time-consuming processes and improves coordination on your engineering projects

Project Insights Dashboard Service

ProjectWise Project Insights automates your reporting of design project performance, enabling more informed and proactive decision making with regular access to analytics and trends. With insight into project performance drivers, you can identify problems sooner and more effectively monitor best practices to save time, reduce risk, and deliver high-quality designs.

Issues Resolution Service

Wish all your projects would go exactly as planned?  Unfortunately, delays and changes are inevitable. Issues happen for any number of reasons including design errors, omissions, and clashes, or site conditions and field inquiries or problems. To address these issues and keep your project moving forward you need an automated issues resolution service that prompts fast responses to minimize downtime.

Punch List and Reporting Cloud Service

Speed collaboration with the ability to collect, manage, view, and approve field data from almost any device or location. Increase data collection speed and quality with forms tailored to your project. Avoid project delays by making inspection reports, punch lists, and other field data viewable moments after completion. Make field data more actionable by enriching it with links to relevant design content, photo attachments, and geolocation data.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Accelerate your “Going Digital” Strategy with
ProjectWise CONNECT Edition

Gain instant access to the information you need, when you need it. Control your design files and engineering content, shorten approval cycles, and increase accountability with the enhanced collaboration that is required to decrease risk for comprehensive project delivery.
Engineers can spend as much as 40% of their days looking for and validating specific information and files. You and your team must be able to share and communicate information effectively to avoid project delays.

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