Plannerly Story

“What if we could easily, beautifully, and collaboratively plan, manage and verify project deliverables?” 
This is the question that drives how we craft Plannerly everyday.
Plannerly goal is to eliminate the fragmentation and frustration between design, build, and operations stakeholders.
The Plannerly BIM Management Platform is helping teams improve communication and remove waste.
We believe that with SmartLeanBIM® we can eliminate “Evil BIM”.

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Five Building Blocks For Successful BIM Management


Simple Online BIM Execution Plans (BEPs)

Drag and drop from hundreds of free templates to quickly create and agree on your BIM standards, processes and contracts.


Visual scopes everyone can understand

Built-in industry standards to visually define the Geometry, Documentation and Information requirements for each milestone – let’s agree on the who, what, when and why!


Schedules that teams manage together

Simplify your BIM schedule. Let each team assign and sequence their own tasks in a single location. 


Collaborative Task Management

Allow teams to quickly manage their own tasks for collaborative status updates. View percent complete by milestone, team or individual team member. 


Integrated model review and control

Verify 2D drawings and 3D models right alongside the project requirements. Validate each deliverable for compliance before use.

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Plannerly Use Cases

Plannerly is used in the Design and Construction industry by Owners, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and BIM Consultants. Plannerly is also used to create BIM standards and is taught on some of the most advanced BIM management courses around the world.

Standards Bodies:

Connecting BIM Standards Bodies To End Users

Plannerly accelerated our standards creation and virtually eliminated the burden to get updates to end users.

John Russo - President, USIBD

Standards bodies love Plannerly because the platform connects standards committees directly with their end users.

Standards teams work together more efficiently to produce better outputs.

End users have instant access to the approved standard and can share real-time feedback and ideas for improvement.

Owners / Appointing Parties

Improved BIM collaboration

Plannerly makes our conversations easier, it makes buy in easier, it’s a great basis of conversation and agreement.

Jeff Thompson - Assistant Director, Broward County

Owners love Plannerly because the platform allows them to manage their BIM standards in one central location.

All teams on all projects access the latest owner requirements at all times.

Plannerly provides an integrated workflow for owners to ensure compliance on BIM deliverables.


Simple to agree on BIM project scopes

You’re definitely on to something with this tool!

Jim Marchese - Senior Associate, Stantec

Architects love Plannerly because it helps them agree on what is included in (and excluded from!) the BIM scope.

Clear scopes lower the architect’s risk by protecting them from signing up for too much BIM.

Plannerly helps control changes in BIM scope.


Lean planning helps reduce wasteful modeling

We use Plannerly for every proposal!

Steve Germano - Director Design Technology, MSA Engineering

Engineers love Plannerly because the platform allows them to contract for the exact scope THEY need. 

The Lean workflows help engineers and design consultants sequence their work to start at the right time.

Working in this way helps teams acheieve a clash avoidance workflow and avoid rework


Manage cross-company BIM workflows

Our design teams, PMs, and Clients love the clarity that Plannerly brings!

Matthew Fuller - Regional VDC Manager, The Beck Group

Contractors love Plannerly because it helps them manage cross-company communication for improved BIM Execution Planning and contracting. 

Contractors can easily agree on owner requirements, what is included, who is responsible and when it will be delivered.

Plannerly helps contractors win more work, follow a clash avoidance process and significantly reduce risk in the field.

BIM Consultants / Service Providers

Reduce administration time by over 70%

I feel like I work at Disneyland when I show off Plannerly – it’s so simple and visual!

Cindy Baldwin - President, VDCO Tech

BIM Consultants love Plannerly because it cuts huge amounts of administration time from the BIM Management workflow.

BIM Consultants get projects kicked off quickly with a professional branded experience.

BIM service providers can generate agreements and contracts in minutes.

BIM Universities

Accelerated advancement of BIM education

Students love Plannerly and it makes my life so much easier!

Petro Karanxha - Professor, George Brown College

Universities love Plannerly because the platform helps to simplify BIM Management. 

Plannerly provides the latest industry BIM standards and templates so that universities can concentrate on the teaching.

Plannerly streamlines the teaching of BIM workflows on BIM Management programs for both students and professors.


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