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ExtrAXION is the digital takeoff software that speeds up the quantity surveying and estimating procedure through several alternative methods of measurement.

The Add-on program ExtrAXION Rebars allows the rapid, high precision measurement of steel reinforcement, directly from the drawings. This allows for more accurate costing of projects

Why ExtrAXION Quantity Takeoff Software?

ExtrAXION facilitates fast and accurate measurements of items, lengths, areas and volumes from both image (BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF  etc.) and vector (DWG, DXF, DGN, DWF, EMF etc.) plans, as well as from PDF multi-page files.

The cost estimation process is completed by automatic transfer of the measurements at the project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The results of the measurements can also be exported to excel files for further calculation. ExtrAXION can import WBS directly from an Excel file and export measurement data to Excel.

ExtrAXION is ideal for architects, quantity surveyors and contractors to speed up the estimating process for new buildings or renovations and allow for a higher number of successful bids.

Advanced software solution for construction projects

ExtrAXION is the simplest and most complete quantity takeoff software tool for construction plans. ExtrAXION facilitates fast and accurate measurements of items, lengths, areas, and volumes from both images (BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PNG, etc.) and vector (DWG, DXF, DGN, DWF, EMF, etc.) plans, as well as from PDF multi-page files.

ExtrAXION makes possible the speedy and precise measurement of length, area, volume, and the counting of objects, in many ways (on the drawing’s level, perpendicular to the drawings, having fixed or variable measurement parameter values, etc.).

Using ExtrAXION, the complex procedure of construction cost estimation is simplified and the chances of mistake are minimized, as measurement results are automatically linked to Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) work items. Measurement results are extracted in MS Excel-like tables.

ExtrAXION is an essential aid for: construction companies, contractors, construction design companies, cost estimators, quantity surveyors, etc. relating to government or private projects.

ExtrAXION is the simplest and most complete quantity takeoff software available.

ExtrAXION Rebars

The Add-on program ExtrAXION Rebars allows the rapid, high precision measurement of steel reinforcement, directly from the drawings. This allows for more accurate costing of projects.

The measurements of the reinforcement bars can be made on any structural drawing and regardless of the software program used to generate it. 

ExtrAXION Rebars supports vector files – CAD (DWG, DXF, DGN, DWF, etc.), PDF files and image files, derived from scanners, digital cameras or mobile phones (BMP, GIF, JPG. TIFF, etc.).

The Add-on can be used for all types of reinforced concrete jobs. It is designed for quantity surveyors, estimators, civil engineers, builders and contractors who need to have accurate data on the quantities of reinforcement required.


The ExtrAXION Rebars Add-on streamlines the process of measuring steel reinforcement. The user can obtain:

  • Accurate and rapid estimation of the cost for the construction of the concrete structure.
  • Organization of steel reinforcement bars for easy overview of the whole project. The rebar measurements are organized, in each drawing, creating a “tree” with structural elements, sub-structural elements and the steel bars at the lowest level.
  • Increased ability to check for any errors or omissions, particularly due to the option to identify the bars either on the drawing or on the “tree” of reinforcements.
  • Results are viewed on tables that can be customized by the users. Tables are shown on the drawings and can be exported to Excel sheets, greatly facilitating control by third parties. 

Reinforcements Library

A library available for immediate use is included. The data in the library is editable, and new information can be added by the users so that it fits perfectly their needs.

The library includes:
  • More than 150 ready-made reinforcement shapes with default values for the length of the various segments defined by experienced civil engineers. The users can also define and design new custom shapes and input the formula which calculates their length.
  • Structural elements (beams, columns, slabs, footings, walls, etc.)
  • Standard diameters of reinforcements with weight per unit of length, for both the metric and the imperial systems.

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