Enterprise Content Management

Your Digital Transformation begins with Intelligent Information & Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) refers to a set of processes and technologies which manage information flows across the organization—from capture through to archiving and disposition. it enables organizations to go beyond traditional document management by providing an integrated enterprise platform for managing the complete life cycle of information, automating content-centric business processes and enabling records management.

Content Management is a key part of any company’s information management strategy, connecting information from across the enterprise with the people and systems that need it.

Enhance Workplace

Leverage ECM tools ensure rapid access to information whenever, and however it is needed for content creation and collaboration across the enterprise and with supply chain or external stakeholders

Increase Productivity

ECM provides Instant access to all forms of information, Reuse information, instead of recreating it will improve employees productivity, proficiency, and efficiency.

Standards Compliance

ECM streamline compliance with regulations, and industry standard by automating the retention and records management of all forms of business critical information

Value of Content

Managing and classifying contents from all sources across the organization or enterprise to draw new insights and better decision making.

Enterprises and industries always require quick assembly of unique products, launches, and events. This calls for a robust and agile innovation process that ranges from idea generation to successful market execution; with many stages in between. Every stage is an important stage with critical decisions leading to success or failure of the product in the marketplace

DijiFyo’s Enterprise Content Management Services enable simplified capturing, storage, management and delivery of content with the right technologies to improve complete digital lifecycle management. Our content management services empower businesses with end-to-end visibility into content for delivering superior customer experiences to customers.


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