DijiFyo – BIM Track Strategic Partnership Announcement

BIM Track expands presence in the Middle East with DijiFyo

DijiFyo-BIM Track Partnership

We are pleased to announce our partnership with BIM Track! This partnership will continue our mission to help the engineering and construction industry advance their digital transformation without barriers.

DijiFyo, an enterprise and engineering software provider and strategic technology partner for many organizations in the Middle East has partnered up with BIM Track to improve and advance the BIM coordination processes with project-wide transparency and accountability through a cloud-based collaborative platform.

“We are pleased to partner up with BIM Track, this partnership allows us to complete our mission providing the best and latest technology to our customers in the engineering and construction industry. BIM Track provides a centralized hub for all BIM coordination information from design to construction, its web-based collaboration platform empowers engineers with better collaboration and coordination workflows, integration of design processes, and simplified method of issue tracking. BIM Track integrates seamlessly with several BIM tools to improve the coordination process and enhances digital transformation. The advanced data analytics of BIM Track will enable our clients to make more informed decisions.”

Mohammed Alqaq, Founder & CEO of DijiFyo

‘’Fast-growing development in the Middle East brings a lot of opportunities for the construction industry to make the built environment a safer, and to provide a more efficient, more cost-effective process. Our new partnership with DijiFyo plays an important role in our ongoing expansion and allows us to have a stronger presence in this region.’’

Charles Forest, Business Development Manager at BIM Track

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About BIM Track

BIM Track is an issue tracking platform that empowers teams with improved coordination communication. It can be accessed using a browser, or directly in Revit, Navisworks, Tekla Structures Solibri & more using openBIM workflows. Manage your project’s performance through precise metrics at both a project- and user-level.  Whether you’re working in heavy-duty BIM software or only have web access, BIM Track synchronizes coordination issues across platforms and teams for on-the-fly issue resolution.

For more information, visit: https://bimtrack.co/

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