Classter is fully integrated with Office 365, Google G-Suite, Moodle LMS and many other systems, this robust single-platform covers the entire management needs of any institution by offering a wide range of features. It provides the power to effectively manage admissions, sales, registration, timetabling, academic, learning, finance, payments, transportation and library operations with measurable results to establish strong communication and collaboration channels with teachers, students and parents, candidates and alumni. Accessible via web or mobile, Classter incorporates best practices into processes impacting school culture and mindset positively.

Microsoft Office 365

Classter is one of the first School Management Systems fully integrated with Office 365.

Once a student, teacher, employee or parent creates a Classter account, the system automatically creates an Office 365 account.

Additionally, Classter will automatically create mailboxes, assign Office 365 licenses and create security groups.

Any subject in Classter is associated with Office 365 SharePoint libraries or MS Teams.

By enabling Office 365, end users will log on using the secured and reliable Microsoft Authentication service of Office 365. Using this single sign-on mechanism, end users can access any Office 365 application from within Classter portal.

Microsoft Power BI

Classter is committed to business value that is provided via detailed and useful business analytics.

Thus, Classter integration with Microsoft’s Power BI tool is of paramount importance for any institution that wants an in-depth business analysis of the data into Classter database.

Classter platform can be used as a business analysis tool by providing a ready-to-use integration with Power BI and on-demand consulting services.

Microsoft OneNote

MS OneNote is one of the most essential tools for education nowadays. It allows easy management of content and assignment, and it is an excellent tool for student-to-student collaboration.

Classter is proud to be part of OneNote technology. OneNote offers a unique Classter plug-in that allows a full integration between OneNote and Classter.

Students in Classter can be associated with students in OneNote and assignments created in OneNote are automatically created in Classter. Any OneNote mark is sent directly to Classter.

Use OneNote and Classter in combination to enhance your teaching and learning strategies with new and innovative tools.

Moodle LMS

Moodle LMS is the leading open-source LMS world-wide. With millions of installations all around the world on all academic levels and in various educational systems, Moodle is a significant tool that should be integrated into any school management system.

Classter has been fully integrated with Moodle. For any student and teacher enrolled in Classter, an account is automatically generated in Moodle. Moreover, any subject assigned to a student or teacher in Classter is also automatically assigned to each user in Moodle.

Classter offers a unique solution by allowing its users to use the software in combination with Moodle and Office365. Thus, Classter serves as a single sign-on mechanism among all three platforms that are easily created and maintained.


The integration of WebEx tool in Classter promotes together classroom all over the world. With Classter you can create a session and initiate a real-time class delivery using WebEx powerful tool for team working.

Google G-Suite

Classter implements the Single Sign-on with the proposed methodology of Google. By extending Single Sign-On (SSO) to our cloud app, we can use our corporate credentials to sign into our software as a service (SaaS) app.

SSO provides a single point of authentication through an Identity Provider (IdP). In that way, Classter wants to increase security by enforcing SSO while providing the convenience of SSO to users.

Through the “General Settings” > “Third-Party Integrations” > “Google G Suite Settings” you can activate this provider. Note that you can have one active third-party provider, either Office or Google G Suite.


Classter is integrated with Brightspace, a flexible learning management platform that combined with Classter’s functions promotes better learning outcomes by offering every learner a highly personalized and digital experience. The system allows users to create, host, and edit online learning resources.

From K12, and Higher Education (college campuses), to global corporations, Brightspace helps create inspired and engaging learning for all.

SMS & eMail Gateways

Classter has been fully integrated with Mailgun. Via Classter, institutes can send mass emails and newsletters to thousands of recipients including students, parents, teachers or other contacts.

Classter offers e-mail templates, advanced recipient selection tools and event-driven emailing. Additionally, Classter enables you to send newsletters and e-mails for promotions using special operations that avoid black-listing.

Apart from e-mail, Classter supports communication via SMS using any of the three available SMS gateways.

Classter will allow end users to select a preferred method of communication and automatically send messages as e-mails or SMS.

Integration with Accounting Systems

Any billing or payment transaction in Classter can be sent to external accounting systems. Classter provides detailed configuration tools that describe how the General ledger debit and credit transaction may be executed.

End users initially automatically create all general ledger transactions and then they can export them to any external accounting system.

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