Classter for Higher Education

More than a Student Information and Learning Management System to the Education life cycle.

Develop complex curriculum structures and advanced studies programs. Provide advanced portal administration and enable students to apply or register online for courses or elective courses of individual choice.

Prepare entrance examinations, support online assignments management, planning and exam retake, transcript management, graduation rules, monitor drop off, control and reduce absenteeism and more features. Tuition fees and billing, service charges, accommodation management, student RFID cards are also features supported by Classter management system.

The software also provides you the opportunity for postgraduate programs management, alumni monitoring, traineeships support and thesis management. Use Classter internal Learning Management system or extend the platform via integrating Moodle or MS Office365.

Furthermore, Classter promotes campus social networking and communication via a secured portal dashboard for students and educators, while it also offers statistical and BI tools.

Classter Core

Everything you need to manage your University or College. Take a look at the innovative Classter Modules & prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s workplace.


Combine your Classter Core with Classter modern modules that will literally transform your educational community. Choose between Classter Admissions, Advanced Academics, CRM, Billing, Surveys & Quizzes, Transportation, Library and Mobile Apps and manage your institute more easy than ever before.

Check also Classter for K12 and for Academies

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