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What's BIM Track?

BIM Track is a web-based issue tracking platform for BIM coordination. Issues can be questions, comments, clashes, RFIs, and more.

Access all your issue data from RevitNavisworksTekla StructuresAutoCADSolibri, or BIM Track’s web viewer.

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BIM Track has 5 key features to help your next project

Easy communication

BIM Track provides the essential information you need to resolve coordination issues. Who’s going to resolve it? When does it need to be fixed by?

Have questions? Your team can comment back and forth on issues directly in their everyday software and anyone can view the issue’s details.

BIM Track’s easy-to-use issue tracking features help your teams resolve coordination issues more efficiently. Speed up collaboration, increase across-the-board understanding, and align the work of every team member with the BIM Track platform.

  • Straightforward issue management
  • Accountability with issues assigned to individuals for resolution
  • Unified workflow between 2D and 3D with hypermodeling
  • Real-time notification system to keep teams on track
  • Transparency with all issue history recorded
  • Bi-directional issue tracking workflows between major BIM/CAD software programs
  • Location-based issue tracking: view issues in your model instantly
  • Associate model elements to issues for lightweight issue exchange

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Cross-platform interoperability

You can use BIM Track directly in Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, Tekla Structures, Solibri, Civil3D, our browser-based web platform and more. We’re making it easier for teams working in 2D and 3D to work together in a user-friendly way. Convert Navisworks clashes to BIM Track issues and retrieve them in seconds in Revit for resolution. Have a question? Comment from any part of the BIM Track platform and the issue will be updated across the board.

We also believe the data in BIM Track belongs to you, our clients. When data sits in silos, your time and money are being wasted. We’re fully openBIM-compliant and our API allows for bi-directional data exchange.

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Web platform

BIM Track’s web platform is well-suited to any stakeholder that doesn’t have or need access to BIM/CAD software from owners and PMs to subcontractors. It’s a browser-based workspace where your project’s real-time communication can be accessed by the team.

Users can also see issue context and details in the model itself using BIM Track’s web viewer. BIM Track’s web viewer allows you to import, display and navigate multiple IFC models from different BIM/CAD authoring software programs to create a federated model, complete with revision history. You can also overlay 2D plans from PDFs onto the models for maximum issue context.

Coordination automation

Spend your time where it counts. On a large airport project, we discovered that the average time it takes to navigate to an issue in the authoring software is 2 wasted minutes. With BIM Track, you simply click “View in Model” in Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, Tekla Structures or our web viewer and you’re taken directly to the issue’s location.

This time-saving philosophy drives our development. Create templates for regular coordination reports, or better yet, with BIM Track Premiumemail your coordination report to the right team members at predefined intervals. You can also schedule model and sheet publication directly from Revit.

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Analytics & reporting

Project management is a critical aspect of BIM Track. Because BIM Track has issue metadata such as priority, teams, zones and more, you can measure coordination progress instantly.

BIM Track gives you access to sophisticated data analytics tools and easy-to-understand graphics to make better decisions. Improve your BIM coordination workflow, manage resources more effectively, and gain insight into trends and potential pitfalls within your project using KPIs.

Having centralized issue information also slashes your reporting time. Create customized BIM coordination reports for any type of stakeholder, regulatory body, or for governance purposes, and export or print your issues as needed.

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At BIM Track, we come to work every day because we want to stop the inefficiency insanity of traditional BIM coordination workflows. We’re passionate about what we do, and have the BIM expertise to help you with your real-world projects. We’re much more than a product that comes with a subscription; we want to make sure you succeed on your projects.

We’re friendly. We genuinely like to help people. We’re also competitive, in a thoroughly Canadian sort of way. We have ambitious plans for creating better products to break communication silos and deliver increasingly complex construction projects.

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