DijiFyo – Alconsoft Partnership Announcement


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Alconsoft! This partnership will continue our mission to help the engineering and construction industry advance their digital transformation without barriers.

DijiFyo, an enterprise and engineering software provider and strategic technology partner for many organizations in the Middle East has partnered up with Alconsoft to advance the quantity takeoff and cost estimation processes delivering excellence to the construction industry.

“We are pleased to partner up with Alconsoft. This partnership allows us to complete our mission providing the best and latest technology to our customers in the engineering and construction industry. ExtrAXION, Alconsoft’s flagship software provides fast and accurate quantity takeoff and estimation information from design to construction. ExtrAXION is applicable to all types of construction projects using inputs from all drawing formats. It empowers engineers with better workflows, tools, and simplified methods of quantity surveying.”

Mohammed Alqaq, Founder & CEO of DijiFyo

‘’Fast business development in the Middle East brings a lot of opportunities for the construction industry to dramatically improve their quantity takeoff processes yielding a more efficient and more cost-effective way of conducting business. Furthering our global presence which already covers 32 countries, our new partnership with DijiFyo plays an important role in our expansion and allows us to have a stronger presence in this region.’’

George Kiortsis, CEO at Alconsoft

About Alconsoft

Alconsoft is a software company developing best value solutions for the construction industry. Alconsoft relies on 30+ years of experience serving customers in project-driven industries like Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC). As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Alconsoft makes extensive use of Microsoft’s technologies as well as third party software components in order to build products for a global market.

Construction professionals around the world are using our state-of-the-art programs, supported by an exceptional customer service to deliver easily, fast, and accurate estimates and excellent project management. 

For more information, visit: https://www.alconsoft.com

About DijiFyo

DijiFyo is an IT company with a major focus on the Engineering and Educational technology, and their goal is to build a comprehensive software portfolio to serve the industry needs to advance and enhance the digital transformation journey. 

DijiFyo provide a comprehensive range of world-class solutions tailored to meet the unique needs to advance SME’s digital transformation, and BIM Track will be playing a major role in their offering portfolio in the Middle East Region.

For more information, visit: https://www.dijifyo.com

Need more information or to request a demo, please contact us

ExtrAXION is the most complete takeoff software available. 

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