ArredoCAD Designer - Features

ArredoCAD is the fastest and most professional way to design any kind of furnishing or architectural solution tailored to your
client’s needs and create amazing 3D renderings

Why choose ArredoCAD Designer

The powerful rendering engine and the quick, easy-to-use program allow you to show the customer a high quality preview of any design solution,
making ArredoCAD Designer an essential marketing and selling tool.

High quality rendering

High-quality rendering are easy-to-use and ready within minutes. 360° high quality panoramic renderings in which you can navigate on the web using your PC, smart phone or tablet: the impeccable way to present your interior design projects to your clients at any time.

A marketing tool

ArredoCAD Designer is one of the most efficient marketing tools for designers and furniture stores. It is developed to foster and promote works for interior designers, furniture showroom, home decorators, architects and professional home remodelers.

Easy, fast and versatile

Design in 3D and render any space you need to work on, it is easy and quick thanks to the automatic insertion of worktops, plinths, household appliances, floor and wall coverings: all these features and more are the strengths of using ArredoCAD Designer when compared to 3D software for solid modeling.

The amazing feeling of Virtual Reality

An incredible Virtual Reality dedicated to the design and furnishing section in order to allow your clients to try out and experience first-hand a variety of tailored solutions for them.

Design and furnishing made in Italy

A library of 30,000 3D furnishing elements is constantly updated and it is home to thousands of products from our partners’ prestigious brands, reflecting the best tendencies of interior design and the Made in Italy quality.

30,000 3D elements to furnish any space

ArredoCAD is the ideal software to create renderings of interiors with one of the largest furnishing libraries in the world, where any design or architectural solution can be created without any limits. The program contains more than 30,000 3D elements for modern and traditional kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, bars, shops, lightning system, design items and various objects. You can also find architectural elements like stairs, false ceiling, columns, niches and other similar objects.

Models of any manufacturer can be reproduced

All furnishing elements are modular, parametric and customizable. They allow for models of any manufacturer to be reproduced and applied to your projects thus creating and furnishing any kind of room or an entire flat. In addition, you can import elements from Sketchup, 3DStudio and in OBJ format, or even create new objects with the solid modeler or by assembling already existing ones (structures, shelves, doors, drawers etc.). A versatile and flexible tool that allows you to fulfill all your needs for furnishing and design.

The best design brands Made in Italy

The 3D furnishing library of ArredoCAD is constantly updated and it is home to thousands of products from our partners’ prestigious brands, reflecting the best tendencies of interior design and the Made in Italy quality. Thanks to internationally famous brands like Molteni, Flos, Cattelan and Garofoli, you too can offer your clients an incredible range of design and furnishing solutions reflecting the best trends of Italian design.

The 3D solution for all your needs


The vast 3D libraries and modules, the high level of customization, the possibility to create tailor-made elements or to import them from Sketchup or 3DStudio, all this and more make ArredoCAD the ideal design tool for any furnishing and architectural solution.

Interior Design
Tailor-Made Furniture
Contract & Hotel
Home Remodeling
Bathroom Design & Coverings
Shops Window Displays & Offices
Home Staging


Technical Characteristics of ArredoCAD Designer – Read the complete list

Technical Characteristics of ArredoCAD

  • Video manual und self-learning tutorial
  • Drawing plans with one or more rooms and creating room wall partitions, non-standard sized rooms, round walls.
  • Importing floor plans in DXF, DWG 2D, JPEG and PNG.
  • Modern and traditional libraries for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, wardrobes, bathrooms, design items.
  • Customizing elements in size and dimensions according to room type and unlimited saving of configuration tabs (one for each producer/model).
  • Customizing single element dimensions (width, depth, height).
  • Colours and materials libraries (wood, glass, lacquered, metal, RAL and NCS colours, etc.).
  • Floor and wall coverings libraries (ceramic tiles, terracotta tiles, decorations, wood floors, wallpapers etc.).
  • Managing floor and wall coverings layout.
  • Importing new floor and wall coverings (jpg, bmp, png).
  • Importing new textures (materials in jpg, bmp, png).
  • Editing of Material characteristics.
  • Importing new 3D elements in .SKP, .OBJ and .3DS format.
  • Virtual 3D navigating within the scene in real time and high resolution.
  • High quality rendering with D-Ray.
  • High quality panoramic rendering with the possibility to move 360° inside the scene.
  • Exporting in real time 3D scenes to be visualized with the visor of virtual reality (Oculus Rift to purchase separately)
  • Perspective or axonometric 3D views with automatic measures.
  • Exporting following formats DXF 2D/3D, 3DS, VRML 2.0, PLT, SKP.
  • Lighting managing (sunlight, spot, quad light): automatic and manual inserting, light color and intensity setting.
  • 3D basic Solid Modeler to create new3D elements.
  • Creating new elements from existing ones.
  • Exploding elements to modify or delete furniture components.
  • Joining parts as a single block to create new elements.
  • User Archive for saving new elements (created or modified with ArredoCAD, as well as imported).
  • Automatic insertion of worktops, plinths, backsplashes, profiles and household appliances.
  • Changing handles and generic automatisms on single elements.
  • Automatic calculation of non-standard sized kitchens.
  • Automatic cutting of elements with columns, mezzanines etc.
  • Automatic creation of design technical prints (floor plans, elevation views, 3D views, top holes, non-standard size elements etc.) with customized logo.
  • Manual calculation of project elevations for printing or page layout with SmartPrint.
  • Exporting technical prints (JPEG, PDF and WMF).
  • SmartPrint function to group multiple prints on the same sheet.
  • Sending customizable orders to the management software of furniture store.
  • MemoList function to match producers codes and prices to the elements of ArredoCAD.

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