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4M provides the Architecture & Engineering Community with Advanced Verticals since 1986 and with Innovative BIM Solutions since 1994.  Today 4M has more than 35.000 Active Users in over 65 Countries Worldwide. 

4M is a pioneer in BIM with a complete suite of BIM Software for Architecture & Engineering initiated in 1993. The 4M BIM Software renown by experts to be the BIM software offering the easiest migration for AutoCAD users as they are the only ones to use DWG as their native file format and an AutoCAD-like look-and-feel.

 4M’s innovative Building Information Technology is not simply built on the top of their geometric data model, but on a real BIM structure, embedding intelligent object entities: building entities and MEP components are intelligent objects natively defined within the CAD engine, embedding logical information along with smart algorithms. A series of unique advantages coming from this design concept offer to the user outstanding modeling features and extremely high performances:

  • CAD functions natively applied to objects, leading to a fast and effective Modeling Environment
  • Logical functions speeding up the modeling process.
  • Viewing and snapping operations in extra high speeds
  • Seamless integration between CAD objects and Calculations components
  • Synergistic integration between verticals within a Collaborative environment

Full BIM Compatibility and Interoperability

Maximum interoperability with every BIM application (i.e. Revit, Archicad etc) and seamless integration among the FINE-MEP verticals, as well as with FineGREEN.

The 4M BIM Suite always one step ahead the competition. just make the comparison yourself and see the difference.

FineMEP is a Complete Package of Building Services Design Software including the following Programs

FINE-HVAC combines Design and Calculations in a Fully Integrated Environment, performing all the required calculations for any HVAC Installation directly from the drawings, generating all the study results: Calculation sheets, technical reports, bill of materials and costs, as well as all the final drawings (plan views, panel diagrams, details) fully updated.

FINE-ELEC belongs to the 4M BIM Suite of software for Architecture & Engineering. Based on an AutoCAD-like environment it uses also DWG as its native file format for unrivaled compatibility with AutoCAD. The 4M BIM Software is renown by BIM experts to be the BIM software offering the most intuitive transition for AutoCAD users. 

FINE-SANI is the integrated software workstation for Sanitary Design, which generates the required calculations directly from the drawings, and then creates automatically the final drawings (plan views, panel diagrams, details) and the full case study documentation along with the bill of materials and costing.

FINE-FIRE belongs to the 4M BIM Suite of software for Architecture & Engineering. Using DWG as their native file format in an AutoCAD-like environement the 4M BIM Software are renown to be the BIM software offering the easiest transition for CAD users and high productivity features for only a fraction of the price of their main competitors

FINE-GAS belongs to the 4M BIM Suite of software for Architecture & Engineering. Powered by the technology they work directly in DWG and offer an AutoCAD-like environment. The 4M BIM Software are renown by BIM experts to offer the easiest and cheapest migration to BIM for AutoCAD or CAD users.

FINE-LIFT includes all the tools you need to perform the necessary calculations and generate automatically the entire set of the elevator drawings along with the bill of materials, technical specifications, and other documentation.

FineGREEN is a BIM simulation environment that combines the Building Information Modelling power and user friendliness of the 3D Building interface, with the reliability and accuracy of the EnergyPlus® calculation engine. FineGREEN embeds the latest version of EnergyPlus® and allows the easy determination of the best energy-efficient building design solutions from the initial architectural concept through the HVAC design and the entire project completion.

Success Stories


Case study: Building Services Design

Designer: GKA Engineers

Software involved: FineMEP (FineSANI, FineFIRE)


FINE-MEP was used among others for the design of the Building Services Installations of the Al Rayyan Complex in Sharjah, UAE, successfully completed by TERNA recently. The Complex has a total area of ​​250,000 m² and consists of a seven-storey shopping center, three towers with a total of 41 floors each and two underground parkings.


FineMEP was used by AECOM for the building services design of the Jazan Economic City Port. 

AECOM is one of the Saudi Arabia Kingdom’s largest urban design and civil infrastructure consultancies, dealing with a broad range of public and private sector projects across Saudi Arabia. 

Advanced BIM Software

Advanced BIM software for Building services design, calculation, and energy simulation 

4M provides the Architecture, Engineering & Construction community with advanced CAD & BIM Software since 1986.

Latest Generation of 4M BIM Suite introduces new industry standards with innovative BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology, powered by high-performance CAD engines offering an unrivaled compatibility with AutoCAD ® by using DWG as their native file format.


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