10 Positive Construction Trends to Come Out of COVID-19

17 March 2021 / David Burczyk
No one can argue that the global COVID-19 pandemic has been a tragedy on many levels. From loss of life to long-term economic impact, this health crisis will be the source of bitter memories for years to come. However, it’s encouraging to recognize that some positive things have come out of our collective response to this difficult situation. Within the construction industry — historically notorious for being slow to change — COVID-19 has actually revealed an impressive level of resilience and adaptability under very challenging circumstances. Following are 10 positive trends we’re seeing in today’s construction industry that accelerated in response to the pandemic:

10 Positive Construction Trends to Come Out of COVID-19

1. Increased use of offsite prefabrication

2. Using AI-based video analysis to keep jobsites safe

3. Using extended reality to help teams collaborate safely

4. Going paperless (finally?)

5. A rise in the adaptive reuse of existing structures

6. Increased focus on green building

7. Supply chain management based on data

8. Ongoing “smart city” development

9. Stronger cybersecurity measures

10. Accelerated adoption of digital connected construction

About the Author

David Burczyk is the Segment Manager for the 3D Capture Portfolio with Trimble Buildings. With over twenty years of AEC industry experience promoting technology and collaboration among design and construction teams, David brings a comprehensive understanding of Building Information Models (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) processes. Through the use of 3D capture and positioning technology, David is focused on the development and implementation of tailored solutions to advance the field productivity of AEC contractors, architects, and engineers.

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